Congrats on having an animal! So the question comes up, why should I have a first aid kit for my pet? Pets have emergencies and medical issues as well. They get injured, cut, get into things they shouldn’t, etc. Having a pet is just like having a kid. Wouldn’t you have a first aid kit for your child? If so, then you need a first aid kit for your pet. Now you have a few options. You can put one together, or purchase one. Depending on the animal, the breed, where you plan to keep this particular kit, etc., it may be cheaper to buy one. The one for my feathered babies was bought, while my ratties first aid kit was made.

If you travel, visit dog parks, go boating/fishing/hiking, etc., I can not stress enough the importance of having a first aid kit for your animal. This alone could mean the difference of the life or death of your beloved pet. Please look through the lists I have put together of suggested items in first aid kits for each animal.