Hello everyone. My name is Kalis. I am currently an employee at an emergency vet and see cases all the time where owners could have prevented some of the outcomes of the situations. I am also a vet tech student with the goal of becoming an exotic vet. I am the proud owner of 10 animals currently. Sadly I just had two of my feathered babies pass away. I knew at 10 years old that I wanted to work with animals and started towards this goal. At the time, I watched “The Crocodile Hunter” everyday and was amazed that someone was able to work with animals the way he was able to. I then went on to working with wildlife myself at the age of 18. I started volunteering with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Here I learned so much about the immediate care and needs of animals as well as telling critical from non-critical cases. I started working towards getting my pre-exposure shots and finished those, allowing me to work with RVS animals and the opportunity to expand on my knowledge. By the age of 21, I moved out of state and started volunteering with an organization that works solely with raptors and birds of prey. This was an amazing opportunity for me because I was use to mainly working with mammals. This allowed my love for birds to expand.


Upon returning to my home state, I started looking for a job in the field I wanted to work in while going to school.This proved to be a challenge as to most people wanted paid experience, not volunteer experience. It took me up to the age of 26 to find a job working where I am now and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.


My Pets:


Name: Miko Nakadai
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Siberian Husky

This is my spoiled brat of a husky. She is the first dog I have ever had and a handful, but I wouldn’t change her or the experience for anything in the world.


Names: Smooze (green) and Spitfire (blue)
Ages: Smooze is 8-9 years old; Spitfire passed away 12/27/2016 at 9-11 years old.
Breed: Budgerigar aka Budgies

Spitfire was a rescue from a house with cats. She needed a friend and that’s where Smooze came from. He was a rescue from a house with kids that would grab him all the time. Smooze still doesn’t like people.



Names: Maui (Front, blue band) and Moana (back, red band) ((In second pic… Moana is on the left, Maui on the right.))
Ages: Moana hatched 07/22/2016; Maui hatched 05/15/2015 and passed 01/09/2016.
Breed: Opaline Rosie Bourke

These two babies were rescues. I adopted them with hopes of bringing life back into my house after Spitfire passed only to have Maui pass. I am now finding out that his brother has a history of seizures. 😦


Name: Aurora
Age: Born 03/15/2016
Breed: Dumbo Rat

This sweet girl is one of my breeder rats. She was a baby I had with a friend’s male and have made some of the most beautiful babies from.


Name: Meg Giry
Age: Born 11/27/2016
Breed: Dumbo Rat

This little girl stole my heart. She even has a heart on her back. 😀


Name: O.G.
Age: 11/3/2016
Breed: Dumbo Rat

O.G. was my sister’s favorite as soon as his colors started to show. With me reading “Phantom of the Opera” at the time, we picked the name O.G. and he stayed with us.


Name: Noel
Age: Born 12/22/2016
Breed: Dumbo Rat

This boy was born on my friend’s birthday and right before Christmas so I gave him my friends middle name, Noel.


Name: Hei Hei
Age: Born 12/22/2016
Breed: Dumbo Rat

Love my sister and her names. Go watch the movie Moana for more information.

Name: Robin Hood
Age: 3/15/2016
Breed: Dumbo Rat

This boy is getting older. Not sure how much longer he will live.


Name: Mia
Age: Born 03/27/2009
Breed: Half Siamese, Half Tabby

This is my grumpy boy. He loves me and hates everyone else except for my sister. He was found at two days old and wasn’t expected to live. I bottle fed him and here he is, turning 8 years old soon. 🙂

Past pets I have had:

I breed rats so I know a lot about them, but I have also had…

  • mice
  • a snake with my sister
  • babysat a lizard
  • guinea pig
  • rabbits
  • chickens
  • ducks